AIPC Fellows come from diverse backgrounds and have varied interests. Yet, they are all united by a common goal of promoting progressive politics in the country. The AIPC Fellowship process is very simple and offers a range of benefits and privileges.

AIPC Fellows can:

  • Drive the agenda at their Local Chapters
  • Network with other Members
  • Engage with Political Leaders and Influencers
  • Assume Leadership Positions by participating in internal elections
  • Contribute to Election Campaigns, Manifesto Design, Policy Formulation and Political Activism
  • Contribute to Discussions and Commentaries and emerge as political and policy thought leaders

AIPC Fellows are required to:

  • Attend regular meetings at Local Chapters
  • Participate in outreach programs and campaigns
  • Promote AIPC and expand network and Fellowship
  • Maintain high degree of integrity and transparency in public dealings
  • Monitor and report on Government programmes and schemes in your area and nationally

The AIPC Fellowship process starts with a simple registration process to confirm and activate your email ID. Once your email ID is activated, you can complete your Fellowship application by providing your PAN number, Mobile number, by choosing a Chapter to affiliate with in your city and by paying the nominal Annual Fellowship Fee of ₹ 1,000/-.